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Thanks-vember 13

13 Nov

I don’t want to write tonight. I want to go to bed. I went to school, came home, planned two lessons, ran to the library, went to a rehearsal because two months ago agreeing to stage manage a Christmas show sounded like a great idea, came home, finished planning the lessons, and now I just want to sleep.

But I set myself a goal. To write one thing a day that I am thankful for. To blog, every day. Because the one thing that makes a person a writer is to write. I don’t care if anyone reads this (but I’m always happy when people do!), and I don’t care if I never become a famous writer (though I wouldn’t turn it down). What makes me a writer is the fact that I write.

That’s an important thing to teach our students. Writers write. Mathematicians do math. Artists create. Scientists experiment. No one says you have to be the best. No one says you have to do it perfectly. As long as you do it, that is what matters.

So I’m thankful today for the fact that I am a teacher. I teach. I may not be done with my program yet, I may still have a lot to learn, but today I got to teach. I worked with a first grader in reading, and a group of 3rd graders in math, and I taught. And I am so thankful for that opportunity.

Test Anxiety

20 Jul

I’m a performer. I routinely do insane things on stage, that most people would be terrified of doing. And secretly, I’m terrified, too, but I go on stage and dance or speak or improvise and I LOVE IT. And I always know beforehand that I’m going to love it.
Taking tests, though – I hate them. I don’t know why, I’ve always been a decent student. I freaked out before taking the PSAT and the SAT and the ACT, and I did really well on all of them. I panicked before taking the WEST B and the WEST E for Elementary Education, which are two tests required to teach elementary school in Washington. I passed them both.

Tomorrow I’m taking the WEST E for middle school Humanities and Math, and I am more nervous than I have been for anything, in a very long time.

I know the material – I can do middle school math. And I’m not worried about social studies and language arts.
I already talked to the program adviser and he told me that I was NOT going to be kicked out of the program if I don’t pass this time – I just have to re-test in September. So it’s not like it’s the end of the world if I do poorly.
However, that doesn’t make me feel any better.

Math, math, math.

I used to love it. And this is exactly why I WANT to teach middle school math – in middle school, I didn’t understand geometry and my teacher didn’t explain it and for the first time in my life I wasn’t a high achiever. I tried and I tried, but I couldn’t figure out the math.

I can do geometry. I do geometry on a regular basis. I build things and sew things and garden and do all these things that require geometry. But I got a bad grade (I didn’t even fail, I think I got a C) in one class and it changed my whole outlook on math.

I want to be a better math teacher than that.

But first I have to (wo)man up and pass this test.

On the plus side – I will never dismiss my students who have test anxiety. It’s real, and it’s crippling.

Math is important!

23 Jun

A funny video for a good cause. Yay math education!

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