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A Green Teacher

2 Aug

This video made me cry, no less than four times in the course of 13.5 minutes.

I want to be this kind of teacher. The enthusiasm and passion are inspiring. The love for his students is awesome. And, I love gardening and healthy eating, and urban farming, and innovation, and project-based learning, and… you get the point, right?

I want my teaching to be full of si se pueda moments!

Food Journal Reflection

10 Jul

Remember the food journal we had to keep? Well, I did it, even though I was not excited about it. I knew it was a good exercise and completely saw the point, I just hate focusing on what I eat.

I didn’t learn a lot. I could stand to eat more vegetables, but we all do. When I have to be somewhere in the morning I can’t eat before I go, so I generally grab something – yogurt, a cornbread muffin, etc, to go with. When I’m not heading out the door I try to make a veggie omelet or fritatta. I drink a lot of coffee. I should drink more water. I should get more exercise and more sleep.

To make matters worse, I got sick in the middle of my journal-keeping, so there are about three days of “chicken soup, tea, water, ginger ale, water, tea, chicken broth, 2 hour nap,” etc… Not exactly demonstrative of my actual life.

In the long run, though, I feel like I am a healthy eater. I don’t eat processed food – because for the most part, I can’t. I don’t eat white bread and pasta – because I can’t. I cook a lot because I love it and because I have to. I eat more vegetables than the average American – according to many studies people eat three or less servings of fruit or veg a day. I eat whole grains like quinoa and brown rice. I don’t drink soda.

After the first week, one thing was apparent – I wasn’t getting much exercise. I have gone from: walking to  work (45 minutes each way); standing, walking, and lifting books and boxes for 8 hours while at work; then walking home, to: walking about 5 minutes; catching a bus; sitting on a bus; sitting in a classroom; sitting on a bus; walking home; sitting and doing homework. Suddenly I am VERY sedentary. Not good for my body or my psyche.

So I resolved to eat more vegetables and get more exercise. I signed up for Hot Yoga with a friend and have actually gone! Three times! Hot Yoga is HARD. But awesome. I got up early enough to make myself a spinach scramble… but then I felt sick because I don’t like eating that early – so I’m going to have to come up with some better way to transport a healthy breakfast to school with me.

I could have gotten more exercise if I wasn’t sick, and today I started a running program that I hope to continue… forever, I guess. I got my bike from my parents house and have started tuning it so I can ride with my manfriend. Am I doing all of this because of my food and activity log? I don’t know. I was already planning on running. Manfriend loves to bike so I already wanted to get started doing that. But maybe this activity brought it to the front of my mind. Maybe it gave me the little push I needed to really get going.

I think having students keep food an activity logs could be a great teaching tool – you don’t have to tell them what they are eating is good or bad, but you can teach them what foods are healthy (and why!) and let them draw their own conclusions about their diets. You can incorporate math and science by counting calories, discovering portion size, and even cooking. A nutrition unit could include creating a school or class garden (another passion of mine). There are a lot of really cool things you could do with a food and activity journal, depending on age.


Meal planning

21 Jun

One thing about keeping a food and activity journal – I am thinking more about both food and activity than I usually do.

Before the quarter started, I made it my goal to plan my meals a week in advance. I have an Excel spreadsheet. So far, I’ve followed it pretty well, only deviating when I realized I had tofu in the fridge that needed to be eaten. There’s not much food sold on campus that I can eat, so I need to make sure I’m packing myself enough healthy food to make it through the day. I can’t do that if I don’t plan ahead.

Want to see my plan for this week? Sunday’s not on here because I needed to give myself one day off.

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
Breakfast eggs Baco-Cheese Corn Muffin, coffee, banana Baco-Cheese Corn muffin, coffee, banana Baco-Cheese Corn muffin, coffee, banana waffles coffee, muffins
Lunch Cottage cheese, veggies Black Bean Enchiladas, green salad Black bean enchiladas BLT Pasta Turkey Wraps BBQ
Snack Yogurt, almonds, granola bar apple, yogurt, granola bar carrots & hummus, almonds
Dinner Black Bean Enchiladas, green salad Fried Rice BLT Pasta Pizza Chicken Fajitas Date Night

I promise I wrote this before classes began, and I had no idea we would need to keep a food journal.

Partially because I was thinking about my activity log, and partially because it was a beautiful day and I was feeling stressed, I walked home from the U-district today instead of catching a second bus like I usually do. It was a beautiful walk, and I got home in about 30 minutes, feeling rejuvenated. It’s awesome what a little cardio can do for your outlook on life.

Health, Sanity, and Summer Quarter

20 Jun

I had some serious stress-dreams the past few nights. Like realizing it was finals week and I had forgotten to attend a class. Or that I missed the first day of school because it was actually Monday instead of Tuesday.

So I was pretty happy to start class today, maybe my brain can stress out about something else.

But, after the first day, I’m starting to feel stressed about all we’re supposed to accomplish this quarter.

And the food journal thing? I understand it, I feel like it’s useful, but personally, I’m really tired of focusing on my food.

You see, three years ago I got really sick.

Really, really sick. Couldn’t eat anything. Tired all the time. Painful stomach cramps. Tests were run. Ultrasounds of my spleen, x-rays of my digestive tract… My doctor couldn’t figure out what it was. I asked if it could be a food allergy or sensitivity, she scoffed. I decided to test it myself. And so I started a food log, and began experiementing. I took myself off dairy, and felt the same. I took myself off wheat and gluten, and immediately felt better. Immediately, as in, the next day. And the next day, even better. And so on.

I don’t go to that doctor anymore.

And I don’t eat wheat or gluten anymore. It’s tough, but I love to cook and try new things so I have fun with it. I’m also, in general, a lot healthier than when I ate gluten, because I tend to eat mostly “whole foods” like fruits and vegetables, and rarely eat anything processed.

But honestly, I’m constantly thinking about what I eat, and a large part of me doesn’t want to spend more time thinking about it and writing it all down. And then we’re supposed to come up with a way to improve it? I hope, at the end of this week, I can look at my food journal and clearly see something that can be improved, but honestly, I’m not sure.

We’ll see!

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